Clan Night Out, York Saturday 23rd April 2005.


Graham (Hustler) & Jim (Bigfoot)
Jayne (Pigging), Diane (Jayne's friend), Billie (She Who must be Obeyed) & Tracy (Mrs Wizard Sleeves)
John (Wibbler) & Ian (Wizard Sleeves)
Kal (Lazylob Or Is It Patcho 2)
Graham(Hustler), Jim(Jimbo), Duncan(Logix),Karen(Mrs Logix), John(Wibbler), Jim(Bigfoot) & Kal(Lazylob)
I Have Absolutely No Idea Who These Are The Camera Just Went Off By Itself
And This Is Only After One Pint.
Billie Trying To Recruit New Members.
Logix, Wizard, Hustler, Diane, Pigging(Back), Mrs Wizard, Mrs Lazylob(Catherine), Lazylob, Bigfoot & Some Plonker Who Got in Me Photograph
From Left Going Clockwise: Jim, John, Graham, Tracy, Catherine, Kal
From Left Going Clockwise: Jayne, Duncan, Ian, Jim, Billie, Diane & Karen
From Left Going Clockwise: Jim, Graham, Kal & Me (John, Grandpa)
Yes I Have Had A Lot To Drink.
We Kept Telling Him To Sit Down But He Wouldn't Have It
"Me Logix Where's Jayne"
What Can I Say? I Told him the Beers Good In York.
Wibbler & Hustler Mhhhhh.
Its Not Me They Are looking/Laughing At.
What's This I See? An Empty Glass, Your Slipping Wizard
This Is The Moment The Girl's Got Our Drinks Bill ...... Arrrrgggghhhh.
Wizard & His Monkey Impression (Sorry M8 But I'm Running Out Of Ideas For Captions.)
No I'm Not Asleep I'm Just Resting My Eyes
Still Panicking About The Bill.
Caption? Answers On A Postcard Please.
"The Bloke With That Camera Looks A Bit Dodgy" Hang On That's Me.
Has Anyone Ever Told These Indian Chaps, People Are Supposed To Face The Camera When You Take A Photo?

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