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About Liz
Mindful Movement is an approach to health and well-being through movement. My interest in movement began professionally in 1998 when I trained as a Pilates teacher. I trained on one of the original training programmes at the prestigious Body Control Pilates studio with Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thomson. Pilates is now well-known as a mind-body programme. It is a mindful form of exercise where each movement is performed slowly and consciously with control. I have my own practice in York, teaching both group and individual sessions. Many people have been referred to me by their physiotherapist / chiropractor to assist with postural problems e.g. back, neck pain and RSI. This has given me a unique insight into the different ways we choose to move our bodies and the faulty movement patterns which cause pain. It has also led me to develop my knowledge of body mechanics with further training.In 2002, I became a trainer and supplier for MBT footwear. This revolutionary range of wobbly shoes helped my clients to stand and walk in a better way as the pivot sole makes the wearer balance and straighten up, creating a more upright, yet relaxed posture. This improves the movement of the muscular / skeletal system. I recommend these shoes to all my clients and personally wear them all the time.
In 2004, I was introduced to and trained in the Nia technique, an expressive movement practise. This body/mind/spirit technique advocates the benefits to one’s health through moving correctly and by listening to the sensations of the body. By adding it’s principles to my classes, my clients started to feel their bodies in a different way, getting greater clarity of themselves and how they move.

As a teacher of movement, I lead my clients to find a greater understanding of the way they move and their personal movement habits. Through that knowledge, they start to move with greater comfort, ease and freedom. They find the Joy of Movement!!!




Inspirational and fun classes to get you moving with more comfort and ease. Find better posture and your hidden flexibility through slow, gentle movements. Improve your breathing and get rid of tension!

  • Classes every Tuesday & Thursday (York)
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    Suitable for all ages and abilities

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    Qualified Body Control Pilates Teacher (1998)
    Qualified member of the Register of Exercise Professionals :20033788

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    Qualified Nia Technique Teacher

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